Stock Point maintains a broad inventory of Kemet Electronic Components.

AVX is a leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of a broad line of passive electronic components and Interconnects. AVX enjoys significant competitive advantages including the benefit of having research, manufacturing, and customer support facilities in 12 countries around the world. AVX serves a broad range of markets including: telecommunications, information technology hardware, cellular, automotive electronics, medical devices and instrumentation, industrial instrumentation, transportation, energy harvesting, defense and aerospace electronic systems and consumer electronics. In automotive, AVX is contributing new technologies for safety, engine control, infotainment and chassis control. In medical, AVX Advanced Products are critical for implantable devices that regulate and stimulate the heart, bring sound to the hearing-impaired and sight to those with vision problems.

AVX Passive Components

* Capacitors
* Circuit Protection
* Module Devices
* Connectors
* Piezoelectric Acoustic Generators
* Couplers
* Resistive Products
* Filters
* Timing Devices
* Inductors