ST Micro

St Micro is a world leader of semiconductor solutions and is among the world’s largest semiconductor companies with a broad range of Integrated Devices supporting all electronics segments. As a leading technology innovator (around 9,000 people working in R&D, ~16,000 patents, ~9,000 patent families and 598 new filings), ST Micro's key strengths are in Sensining, Power, Automotive, and Embedded Processing Solutions with a rich, balanced portfolio (ASICs, Application-Specific Standard Products and Multi-Segment Products).

STMicroelectronics is one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies with net revenues of US$ 8.08 billion in 2013. Offering one of the industry’s broadest product portfolios, ST serves customers across the spectrum of electronics applications with innovative semiconductor solutions by leveraging its vast array of technologies, design expertise and combination of intellectual property portfolio, strategic partnerships and manufacturing strength.

ST focuses its product strategy on sense and power technologies, automotive products, and embedded-processing solutions. The Sense and Power segment encompasses MEMS and sensors, power discrete, and advanced analog products. The Automotive portfolio covers all key application areas from powertrain and safety to car body and infotainment. The Embedded Processing Solutions include microcontrollers, digital consumer and imaging products, application processors and digital ASICs.

Stockpoint maintains a substantial inventory of ST Micro components and is continually acquiring inventory of obsolete and hard to find ST Micro components.

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ST Micro Aerospace and Defense Products
* Rad-Hard A/D Converters
* Rad-Hard Bipolar Transistors
* Rad-Hard Comparators
* Rad-Hard Diodes and Rectifiers
* Rad-Hard Gate Drivers
* Rad-Hard LVDS
* Rad-Hard Logic ICs
* Rad-Hard Operational Amplifiers
* Rad-Hard PWM Controllers
* Rad-Hard Power MOSFETs
* Rad-Hard Voltage References
* Rad-Hard Voltage Regulators

ST Micro Amplifiers and Comparators
* Comparators
* Current Sensing
* Operational Amplifiers (Op Amps)
* Power Operational Amplifiers
* Video Amplifiers

ST Micro Audio ICs
* Audio Amplifiers
* Audio Processors
* MEMS microphones
* Sound Terminal Digital Audio Subsystems

ST Micro Automotive Analog & Power ICs
* Automotive Comparators
* Automotive Op Amps
* Chassis and Safety ICs
* Door Module Drivers
* High and Low Side Drivers/Switches
* LED Drivers
* Linear Voltage Regulators
* Motor Driver ICs
* Power Management and System Basis ICs
* Powertrain ICs
* Special Functions
* Transceivers
* Valve Driver ICs

ST Micro Automotive Infotainment and Telematics
* Automotive Audio Processors
* Automotive Bluetooth ICs
* Automotive Class-AB Audio Power Amplifiers
* Automotive Class-D Audio Power Amplifiers
* Media and Navigation Processors
* Radio Receivers

ST Micro Automotive Microcontrollers
*SPC5 32-bit Automotive MCUs
*ST10 16-bit Automotive MCUs

ST Micro Clocks and Timers
* Clock Distribution
* Real-Time Clock (RTC) ICs
* Timekeeper Supervisors
* Timekeepers
* Timers

ST Micro Diodes and Rectifiers
* Automotive-grade diodes
* Field Effect Rectifiers
* Schottky Barrier Diodes
* Silicon Carbide Diodes
* Ultrafast Rectifiers

ST Micro EMI Filtering and Signal Conditioning
* IPD for RF front-end
* Integrated EMI filtering and ESD protection
* Smart Antenna Tuning

ST Micro Interface and Connectivity ICs
* Ethernet Transceivers
* I/O Expanders and Level Translators
* Infrared Communication ICs
* Low-Power RF Solutions
* Power Line Transceivers
* RF Solutions
* Smartcard Interfaces
* Standard Interface ICs

ST Micro ST Micro Logic ICs
* Buffers/drivers
* Counters/Encoders/Decoders
* FlipFlop/registers
* Gates
* Small Logic

ST Micro MEMS and Sensors
* Accelerometers
* Automotive Sensors
* Gyroscopes
* Humidity Sensors
* MEMS Microphones
* Pressure Sensors
* Proximity Sensors
* Smart Sensors and Sensor Hubs
* Temperature Sensors
* Touchscreen Controllers
* e-Compasses
* iNEMO-Inertial Modules

ST Micro Power Management
* AC-DC Converters
* Battery Management ICs
* DC-DC Switching Converters
* Display Supplies and Controllers
* Hot-swap power management
* Intelligent Power Switches
* LED Drivers
* LNB supplies
* Lighting ICs
* Linear Voltage Regulators
* MOSFET and IGBT Drivers
* Motor Driver ICs
* Photovoltaic ICs
* Power Over Ethernet ICs

ST Micro Data Converters
* A/D - D/A converters
* ECG Analog Front End
* Metering ICs
* Voltage References

ST Micro Power Modules
* SLLIMM Intelligent Power Modules

ST Micro Power Transistors
* Power Bipolar
* Power MOSFETs
* Wide Bandgap Transistors

ST Micro Protection Devices
* Automotive protection devices
* Current limiters
* EOS 10/1000 microsecond surge protection
* EOS 8/20 microsecond surge protection
* ESD protection
* Lightning surge protection

ST Micro Radio Frequency Transistors
* RF Bipolar Transistors
* RF DMOS Transistors
* RF LDMOS Transistors

ST Micro Reset and Supervisor ICs
* Microprocessor Supervisors
* On-Off Controllers
* Resets and Voltage Detectors
* Smart Reset ICs
* Voltage Protection ICs
* Watchdog Timers

ST Micro Switches and Multiplexers
* Analog Switch/Multiplexers
* Data/Signal Switches
* Power Load Switches
* Power switches with USB Charge Controller
* Ultrasound Pulser ICs

ST Micro Thyristors (SCR) and AC Switches
* AC Switches
* Thyristors (SCR)
* Thyristors Application Specific Devices
* Triacs