Get to know your distributor, don’t be afraid to ask questions.  A few of those questions should be:

1: How long has your company been in business?  Why is this important? You need to know they have some sort of longevity so they can back up what they are claiming they will stand behind. If in 60 days you have product failures you need to k now they will still be in business. Sounds crazy but we have seen many companies close their doors.

2: Does your company maintain any type of quality management system such as ISO or AS and are you certified?  Some claim to be compliant but honestly what does that mean? Compliant does not mean they are held to an audit. You should always require your suppliers to be certified and verify their certification with the registrar.

3: Does your company maintain any type of E&O or product liability insurance?  Let me tell you the majority do not.  This coverage is essential when dealing with older obsolete products.

4: Just because a company makes a statement they do not procure product from the counterfeit capital of China that does not mean you are safe from this plague.  Your supplier should treat all untraceable product the same and require full counterfeit mitigation screening and supply a report.  If product is not traceable back to the original manufacturer demand this process.

5:  If the price seems too good to be true it most likely is. 

These are just a few details you should consider.  There are many more to think about. Bottom line is there are a lot of good independent distributors out there you just need to know more about the company you are dealing with than doing a google search and hoping they can deliver good product.

Feel free to call and talk to any of our account managers for more detailed information about Stock-Point and our in house processes.