We never thought we would see another shortage like we experienced in the mid to late 90's. Cell phones & other pre smart phones like the Palm Pilot had just started catching on with a huge momentum and along with this the mineral Tantalite was in short supply. These products heavily relied on tantalum capacitors.  It was a perfect storm that created allocation beyond what we had ever experienced.  Based on the article below it seems as if we could be headed into another situation that could be monumental for the supply chain. OEM/EMS companies need to align themselves with a trusted Independent Distributor now. Making contact and building that funnel will help keep your lines up and running when your lead times are at 52 weeks +.  Get in contact with an account manager at Stock-Point to discuss programs we can set up now to protect your supply chain now.


Read the full article here. Are we in for a severe shortage of electronic components?