All processes are per IDEA-1010-B & AS6081 standards

Documentation & Packaging

Detailed External Inspection 
  • Exterior/Interior packaging, mfg labels,bar-codes
  • Identical lot,batch,run,ID info
  • Digital Photo/microscope documentation
  • Measurement of product per mfg data sheet
  • detailed lead inspection / condition - corrosion- residue - solder dip - BGA damage 
  • # of terminations per part
  • Verify pin 1 placement (orientation is consistent)
  • Verify T&R or tubes/trays are mfg or third party, verify all packing is per specifications 
  • Inspect T&R for any tape damage (spliced tape, crushed pockets, any physical damage)
  • Verify any MSL packing requirements

Part Marking Permanency Test

Heated Chemical

  • Dynasolve 185
  • Dynasolve 750
  • 1-Methyl 2- Pyrrolidinone Solvent

Scrape test per IDEA-STD-1010-B section for signs of blacktopping

X-RAY Analysis

Physical Destruction - Dacpsulation and Die Analysis (compared to a known good when available) 
XRF Lead Chemical Composition (when required)
Blank Check (when required) 
Detailed Test Report
Electrical - outsourced with a 17025 certified lab when required





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