Are you over-whelmed in searching for sources to help? Let us help!
Here are some of the value-added services we provide to accommodate the needs of many of our customers:


  • Kitting Services Stock Point's Kitting Solutions combine Stock-Point's materials management and logistics capabilities to provide production ready kits, just in time, to your requested destination.
  • Reduce inventory levels, carrying costs and exposure to excess and obsolete inventory
  • Relatively stable demand patterns
  • Reduce supplier management and procurement transactions

Small quantities for your NPI build combined with our kitting will help reduce inventory cost and excess materials.

Need your product on Tape and Reel (T&R)? No matter what the quantity, we can have the product put on tape and reel on a quick turnaround time. Contact us for any quantity-custom T&R requirements you have.

Extend the lifetime of your product beyond the life cycle of the components you require for your build. We have programs that can accommodate years beyond the end of life notice of your components.

Please see our detailed description for all in house counterfeit detection processes.


Please contact our Sales Department today for more information on any of these VALUE-ADDED services!

Sales Department:
Phone: 818.718.4100
Fax: 818.718.4044
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"Stock-Point Electronics has provided our company with competitive service in a cost effective manner. The independent market is laden with challenges and Stock-Point has guided our company many times with valuable information and perspective that we have used to make purchasing decisions."

"Incredible! A supplier that does what they say when they say, every time! Thank you Stock-Point!!"

"I searched and searched and searched! Made a call to Stock-Point and they had product on my dock the next day."

"I owe you one...okay...maybe more than one. You saved my &%$# and shipped me product I was late on for a major customer of ours. You are truly a distributor's friend!"

"I have no idea how you were able to move that massive excess inventory and maximize our return with that high of a percentage. My boss thinks I am incredible and I think Stock-Point is incredible!"